Get On Top

Get On Top

Wrestling is an interesting and exciting sport and it is so much more interesting and exciting to play wrestling without getting hurt in the game Get on top, which is the hottest wrestling game today!

Get on top game will bring you an exciting and competitive feeling like you are in a real match of wrestling sport. The design features are simple, the rule is that players have to knock down their competitors, the winner is the one who can make the other's head down to the floor first, very easy to understand.


Therefore, you just have to watch what your competitor is doing, and then, choose the suitable time to knock him down. Another forte of Get on top game is that you can choose the character you like to play the game. Furthermore, you can play get on top game continuously without waiting the game to restart after each match.

How to play get on top game

Get on top game has two ways to play: 1-player mode and 2-player mode. There are 2 characters in the game, when you play get on top game with the 1-player mode, you will have to play versus the character controlled by computer. If you play with 2-player mode, 2 of you will have to fight against each other.

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In 1-player mode, to control the character on the right of the screen, you use the arrow keys to control your character. You use the left and right arrow keys to pull and push, use the up arrow key to jump up. To control the character on the left of the screen, you use the W, A, S and D keys instead of the arrow keys to make the character do what you want.


In 2-player mode, one person can use the arrow keys and the other can use the W, A, S and D keys. In that case, the computer will understand that you are playing with the 2-player mode and will not intervene to the match. You can press R key to restart the game.

The rule of the game is very easy to understand. Your mission is to watch how the competitor is moving and then, pull, push or jump up, do anything to make your competitor fall down to the floor. The winner is the one who can make the other's head touch the floor first. Each time when you knock your competitor down, you will get on top and score 1 point. Players win a league when they get 10 points, which means they have to win in 10 matches. It is so wonderful that the number of the leagues is unlimited, so you can play freely with your friends.

Get on top unblocked

If you are good at playing games, this game is one of the most suitable games for you to show off your agility as well as your strength. If you are not so good, do not be so worried, because Get on top unblocked is now released with 1-player mode. You can play it online. It is easier than the original Get on top game, which means it is easier for you to become the champion. Besides, you do not have to pay for the fee to download the game or to install the game in other websites.

Get on top is one of the best seller games in 2016 and it may make it much better in 2017 due to the exciting competition and wonderful design. When you play get on top game, you do not have to think or consider so much as some other games. Moreover, the game brings to you the competitive feeling in matches and an incredible feeling when you won the battles. Get start with Get on top now! Are you ready to become the champion?

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